Conflict Materials

Stainless Piping Specialists (SPS) is concerned that conflict minerals are extracted from military conflict regions of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and adjoining countries recognized worldwide for human rights violations and environmental degradation. These materials include tantalum, tin, gold and tungsten (collectively known as “Conflict Materials). Stainless Piping Specialists has conducted an inquiry with its suppliers to confirm that no materials used are Conflict materials derived from the DRC. Stainless Piping Specialists will continuously work with its suppliers to assure that SPS products are “DRC Conflict Free”.

Minimum Order

No order for merchandise or services will be rendered for less than a minimum charge of $150.00 net,
excluding transportation charges.


We reserve the right to determine the method of shipment unless otherwise specified and/or agreed
upon in advance. Unless otherwise quoted, All shipments are FOB origin / FCA shipping point. Stainless
Piping Specialists (SPS) responsibly ceases when the finished product is delivered in good order and
condition to the carrier.


We cannot accept return of any goods, unless SPS permission has been first obtained, and an RGA
(Return Goods Authorization) has been issued.

Standard Warranty

All products manufactured by SPS are warranted to be free of workmanship defects for a period of (1)
One year from the date of shipment. If at any time a product manufactured by SPS does not meet
customer specifications or fails in anyway, please notify SPS Quality Department (920) 685-6830. Any
attempt to service or repair without prior authorization by an SPS Quality Representative, will void all

During the period of warranty, the extent of SPS liability, at our discretion is to repair or replace the
defective part. SPS liability will not exceed the cost of the product or service sold.


Net (30) thirty days.